5 Keys to Inspiring Successful Leadership

1. Face your fears and do it anyway!

An adage I know, from the great Susan Jeffers, but it is still true today. You are brave enough to face up to challenges and deal with them with integrity. Whether it’s steering through a business slump or getting your team back on track, to be effective you, as a leader, can meet these challenges openly. Ongoing communications with your team, informing them of both good news and how your business is reacting to challenges will go a long way toward making your team feel like you trust them and that they’re unlikely to be hit with unpleasant surprises.  Be transparent, be frequent, be there for them.

2. Let Go of Control – Empower

Your team will be more loyal and enthusiastic when they work in an environment run by someone like you that they trust. Show them that you care about them –  Take an interest in your team beyond the workplace environment. Obviously without prying, let them know that you’re interested in their success and discuss their career paths with them regularly.

Even if they make mistakes, don’t reprimand or correct them in anger. Instead, calmly explain the situation and why their actions weren’t correct, as well as what you expect in the future. When people know that you aren’t going to berate them and that you have their best interests at heart, you team is going to trust you.

An engaged team is a team who will go above and beyond to achieve, empowering people to do what they are paid to do and allowing them the room to experiment, stretch themselves and contribute makes for a highly-productive team.


3. Be authentic

Use your strengths and personality traits to develop your personal leadership style – don’t fake it! Don’t try to be a Karen Brady when you are a Steve Jobs! People dealing with your company will be able to tell if you’re just pretending to be someone you’re not.

4. Earn respect

Your team need quality guidance and development. Walk the walk and talk the talk.  Inspired and empowered employees will hold themselves accountable, take pride in their work and see their input as contributing to the larger whole, if you are acting as their role model. An empowered employee, is more productive and effective.

5. Keep learning, stay curious, keep asking questions

You, as a good leader, must remain curious and committed to learning. You are inquisitive and always looking for new ideas, insights and information. You understand that innovation and new approaches can come from many places and are always on the lookout for knowledge or people who might inform them and give them an advantage.  You may be sitting next to an opportunity or a simple email away!

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