menopause post

Case study – Pre-Menopausal 46 year old

THE ISSUE Yes, it’s that time of life when everything seemed to be getting on top of me.  It was the dreaded “Change” or was it? My body was resisting my continued weight-loss efforts. I was counting calories, pounding the gym and reducing my afternoon snack to six walnuts! … and still the pounds wouldn’t… Read More »



THE ISSUE As a recently promoted Senior Finance Analysis in the City, work-life balance just got on top of me.  Even the commute from Ealing, silly as it may seem, was a daily stressor.  My perception of life coaching initially was of a “shrink” experience!  After a chance conversation with a Director of the company… Read More »

Are your Hormones causing weight gain post


The Issue Being in the fast world of design and marketing, with the stress that goes with it, and a history of thyroid issues, I needed a fix! More importantly, I needed someone who can empathise, not just a medical consultancy.


How to Balance Hormones

The Issue When hormones are messed up, it can be really difficult to know what the issue is. It becomes a little like the chicken and egg scenario: hormone imbalance can lead to weight gain, anxiety, stress, mood swings but did you know that weight gain can cause hormone imbalances? When Jackie came to see… Read More »


Life Coaching to get a better Work | Life Balance

The Issue The phrase ‘Work Life Balance’  is often heard in the media with magazines, talk-shows and self-help professionals offering solutions on ‘how to get it’. This assumes that Work-Life Balance is an end state – something that you accomplish and then reap the benefits. No wonder then that so many of us are striving… Read More »


Hypnosis to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety can present itself with emotional and physical symptoms. Yes, we all know about the racing thoughts, shaky hands and the annoying inner voice but would you associate IBS, exhaustion, palpitations or nausea with anxiety? Tom had suffered with unexplained panic attacks which would happen without warning and without reason, making him physically nauseous and lingering… Read More »


RTT to help weight loss

I hate the term weight loss – it’s a negative term and so never a great place to start! How many of us want to lose weight? And for how many of us does that desire over shadow their life? Many of my clients have tried diet after diet, year after year with very little success. I… Read More »