Hypnosis to Overcome Anxiety

Anxiety can present itself with emotional and physical symptoms. Yes, we all know about the racing thoughts, shaky hands and the annoying inner voice but would you associate IBS, exhaustion, palpitations or nausea with anxiety?

Tom had suffered with unexplained panic attacks which would happen without warning and without reason, making him physically nauseous and lingering symptoms of IBS. Originally he came to see me purely about the panic attacks whilst undergoing medical treatment for IBS.

The Solution

The use of clinical hypnosis allowed us to analyse the panic attacks in more detail and to look for patterns in the situations that triggered them. This was something that my client had not previously been able to do as they occurred without any seemingly obvious reason. By regressing back to the panic attacks themselves, we were able to unravel the mental state at the time and to slow down the vision to pick up on what the subconscious had seen. Once we were able to identify the root cause, we worked on breaking down the response – why it had that hold over him and what it would take to break it!

The Results

“It was revolutionary to get the insight into what had caused the attacks. It was not obvious until I had the hypnosis – it seemed that my conscious mind had blocked it completely. Now I know, I can see it for what it is and I am able to rationalise it! The biggest result is that the very physical symptoms that I was suffering from have faded away. No more IBS or nausea. I have reclaimed my life!”

Tom, Stockport