Life Coaching to get a better Work | Life Balance

The Issue

The phrase ‘Work Life Balance’  is often heard in the media with magazines, talk-shows and self-help professionals offering solutions on ‘how to get it’. This assumes that Work-Life Balance is an end state – something that you accomplish and then reap the benefits. No wonder then that so many of us are striving for this illusive destination and no surprise that the persistent search for it can add to stress and imbalance!

Rebecca, a recent self-employed client based in Chester, suffered from overwhelm and stress. Work was taking up 12 hours a day, leaving little time for anything or anyone else. She recognised the imbalance but wasn’t able to take hold of the situation.


I helped Rebecca unravel the belief system that was making her feel that she had to work long hours to attain success. She knew what she’d like her life to be like and where her priorities were but they were completely out of line with where she was spending her time.

Hypnotherapy allowed us to pinpoint the underlying cause – she only felt worthy of success if it was the result of long hours and hard work. It also allowed us to pinpoint where this belief system started and redress it with her priorities in mind.

Achieving a work life balance means different things to different people. When we are without it, we feel off course, energy levels dip, our plate feels overwhelmingly full, even the most enjoyable things can become a chore. Everything suffers.

The Results

“Coaching has changed my life – a big statement, I know but it’s had (and continues to have) a huge impact on my daily life. I have always known what I should be doing but always felt powerless to do it! Surely, I could work less, enjoy more? It was only after the hypnosis (which didn’t feel like hypnosis at all)  that I really understand the self beliefs I had and why I had them. Only then could I begin the work to break them down. ”

Rebecca, Chester