RTT to help weight loss

I hate the term weight loss – it’s a negative term and so never a great place to start! How many of us want to lose weight? And for how many of us does that desire over shadow their life?

Many of my clients have tried diet after diet, year after year with very little success. I believe this is because we are not tackling the underlying issues. Are you emotionally eating? Do you have a hormone imbalance? Are you battling against your subconscious and failing every time?


The Solution

The Full 360° Coaching Programme works on all levels – body and mind! The Rapid Transformational Therapy enabled us to get to root cause of my clients’ weight issues and answer the question: what’s stopping me losing weight? After a two hour RTT session with my client, Sue, we were able to look into key events in her life that had led to her comfort eat. Sue understood that there was comfort in her size and that it had played a part in protecting her in many ways in the past but it was not beneficial to her now.

This information alone was powerful but combined with a bespoke nutritional menu plan, coaching that comes with regular support and accountability, Sue gained confidence and lost weight (as well as a lot of other symptoms!)

The Results


“I have tried every diet under the sun over the years but never really lost much weight – a few pounds here and there that just went straight back on weeks later! I have hated the mirror ever since I can remember and to be honest, I can’t say I really ever enjoyed food – it’s always been a battle. I turned 40 and I wanted it all to stop – the self loathing that had grown so bad that I couldn’t understand why anyone else could possibly like me.”

“My sessions with Heidi were like getting a new pair of eyes… for the first time, I could stand away from the inner critic. Better still, I could understand what had given the inner critic the voice and how I had used food in the past. Just knowing this made it easy to stop!”

” I have lost weight but it’s not all about that anymore – it’s about what I have gained… confidence, a love of good food and an eagerness to look after myself.”