How to flourish in a male dominated environment

The news is currently full of gender equality, whether it be civil rights or equal pay.  Organisations like Times Up and #metoo  are setting the bar high for equality, diversity and plain common sense.  One of the United Nations Sustainable goals is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

So how will this effect women in a male dominated environment?

Here are the top five ways to equal empowerment within a male-dominated workplace.

  1. Women have this inborn confidence that always enables them to survive in such environments. It’s a matter of pulling out that trait and showcasing it. Male dominated environments can, to some extent be too stuffy to many of the working women but the strategy of how to handle that, matters a lot.
  2. Do not believe you can operate in a system which is intrinsically set up for you to fail or fit in to become something that you are not to get ahead. In the end, believe you have two choices, we stay in the trenches and fight “to get ahead” or we get in learn, build contacts, understand systems and processes’ and then go off and do our own thing.
  3. Don’t Let Stereotypes Get to You – don’t take it personally. Just hold your head high and do your job.
  4. Recognize the Value of a Mentor – When you have someone who encourages you to reach your full potential, you have the best business teacher and friend in the world.
  5. Try self-motivation and practice assertive behaviour (Learn to Be Assertive, Not Aggressive) – contact me for a free initial consultation on this to develop these traits, please believe they are in there bursting to get out!

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