Keeping your best talent performing at its best

Employees in every firm should sit at the centre. They are the ones that design, market and sell your business. They are the faces that your customers see, interact and communicate with daily. Your employees are your customers, and they too need to be engaged and motivated in what they do, for you and your business to succeed.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women.” | Madeleine Albright

Here are five tips to help your team perform

  1. Trust them to take ownership of their own destiny and aim for the top? If your team aren’t challenged and have no sight of where they can progress to, they will possibly leave.
  2. Be transparent as a leader – your team need to know where their career will lead, and where their role within the business will take them in the future. Put them on the right path.
  3. Give the team a chance to shine, appraise, encourage and reward (even if it’s a small token of appreciation) ….REGULARLY – And get them to share!
  4. Stay mindful of whether you’re the type of leader you’d want to report to, you will most probably keep your team engaged and committed.
  5. Show emotional intelligence – Be empathetic, supportive, friendly & respectful.

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