Your mind must arrive at a destination before your life does

Muhammad Ali, the world’s greatest boxer, used a visualisation technique that he liked to call ‘Future History’. In the days preceding a match, he would picture himself at the end of the fight with his arms lifted in the air and the referee proclaiming him the champion.

“If you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one.” - Dolly Parton

He would visualise this so vividly, with total commitment and belief. He would hear the crowds cheering and shouting his name, he would feel how amazing it felt to win. He was totally in the zone. All his energy and focus would then be directed to making this happen.

When he walked into the ring he was extremely well prepared, both mentally and physically. He’d already won the fight in his mind and so his subconscious mind would be constantly looking out for ways to make his desired outcome true.

This powerful technique everyone can use to program the mind for success. Program your future history, let me help you devise a system to program your subconscious mind – I can help you do a dry run or walkthrough of your future accomplishments and feel your results?

Techniques that I can develop in you can include framing out your future and gradually we can add the detail.  Framing out your future will help you figure out the big things before getting stuck in details. You can add this over time.

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