Achieve true balance

Work and life should not be mutually exclusive, but such is the uneasy relationship with business and family life that there used to be a time when “leaving to spend more time with my family” was taken as shorthand for “you’re fired”. Yet in an era where leaders are extolling the virtues of bringing your… Read More »


Keeping your best talent performing at its best

Employees in every firm should sit at the centre. They are the ones that design, market and sell your business. They are the faces that your customers see, interact and communicate with daily. Your employees are your customers, and they too need to be engaged and motivated in what they do, for you and your… Read More »


Shape your destiny

Your future is based on the decisions you make today, and the decisions you make are based on your character. We all try to please and become someone else’s character – without pleasing anyone.  Upbringing, society and friends (without any malice mostly) want you to conform to the norm.


Your mind must arrive at a destination before your life does

Muhammad Ali, the world’s greatest boxer, used a visualisation technique that he liked to call ‘Future History’. In the days preceding a match, he would picture himself at the end of the fight with his arms lifted in the air and the referee proclaiming him the champion.


Show up in every single moment, like you are meant to be there

The actor Michael Caine was interviewed on UK BBC Radio 2, he made this apt quote “Don’t look back in anger….look forward with hope”  The message is here is to make every single second count now, as the past is gone!


How to flourish in a male dominated environment

The news is currently full of gender equality, whether it be civil rights or equal pay.  Organisations like Times Up and #metoo  are setting the bar high for equality, diversity and plain common sense.  One of the United Nations Sustainable goals is to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls.

One Thing the Most Successful Women Have in Common

One Thing the Most Successful Women Have in Common

I meet a lot of successful women. In fact, most of my clients are highly successful women with high powered, high fee earning jobs. So, what is the one thing the most successful women have in common?

5 Keys to Inspiring Successful Leadership

5 Keys to Inspiring Successful Leadership

1. Face your fears and do it anyway! An adage I know, from the great Susan Jeffers, but it is still true today. You are brave enough to face up to challenges and deal with them with integrity. Whether it’s steering through a business slump or getting your team back on track, to be effective… Read More »

3 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance whilst remaining connected

3 Ways to Maintain Work-Life Balance whilst remaining connected

In a constant mobile environment with a business clock that runs 24-7, it is harder than ever to switch off from technology completely. It seems harder than ever to maintain work-life balance whilst remaining connected in some way and, if you want to compete, it would appear that you need to be accessible and responsive… Read More »


How to Overcome Overwhelm

“Overwhelm is never, ever caused by what is going on in your life. It is always caused by what is going on in your head!” Overwhelm is not new. It’s the sense of not being able to cope and not being able to think clearly. It’s easy to look at what’s happening around you or to… Read More »


12 Reasons you may have Food Intolerances

Are you suffering from any of the symptoms below? You might be well aware of the connection between food intolerances and that symptoms such as a scratchy throat, hives, swelling etc but what about the less obvious ones like brain fog, achy joints and hormones out of whack?


Overcome Social Anxiety this Christmas