Show up in every single moment, like you are meant to be there

The actor Michael Caine was interviewed on UK BBC Radio 2, he made this apt quote “Don’t look back in anger….look forward with hope”  The message is here is to make every single second count now, as the past is gone!

“Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” | Maya Angelou

Here are a few observations that I think will help you on a conscious and a sub-conscious level.

  1. Be joyful in reminiscing about meaningful memories, or but create the excitement of planning for an upcoming milestone
  2. Stay in the moment with the rapidly passing minutes, days, and years. In engaging with life as it happens, you stand the best chance of cultivating gratitude for what you have, and of really understanding who you are.
  3. Learn to relax….some of the most empowering WTF moments can be created by daydreaming. Remove the mask, sit, meditate and, if you want, go ahead and write down about your feelings and thoughts, there is always a beautiful light at the end of each rabbit hole!
  4. Take a complaint, argument, mishap etc…. and reframe it as a challenge
  5. Be True. You need to be authentic, we are far from perfect but each one of us was created with a lot of love and with a mission, find yours.


Don’t wait till it’s gone to know what you’ve got! Cherish every moment as it happens and appreciate each second that you have.

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